Point B Dance Schedule Summary (Scroll down for details)

Point B Dance March Special Classes and Dates

March 8th - March 16th - Spring Break

Monday, March 18th 7:45pm - Hip Hop Heels with Andie

Friday, March 22nd - 6:00pm Twerk with Candice

Friday, March 22nd - 7:00pm Contemporary with Mikaila

Tuesday, March 26th - 7:15pm Turns and Leaps with Sammi (No Hip Hop)


Point B Dance Spring 2019 Weekly Schedule

Point B Dance Spring 2019 Open Class Schedule (3/8 -3/16 Spring Break)

Our class calendar is updated on a regular basis and reflects our current class schedule.  Look for monthly pop up classes as well. A last minute change will always be announced on Facebook. And you may also check daily on Facebook or Instagram what the classes for the day will be. 

OPEN CLASSES - $10 per drop in class / 3 class card for $25


Mon: 6:00pm ENROLL ONLY 6 week Intermediate Tap with Cathy (March 25th - April 29th)

Mon: 6:45pm ENROLL ONLY 6 week Intermediate Ballet with Paige (March 25th - April 29th)

Mon: 7:45pm OPEN Intermediate Hip Hop with Andie

Mon: 7:45pm OPEN Intermediate Contemporary with Mikaila



Tue: 7:00pm ENROLL ONLY 5 week Beg/Intermediate Tap Taylor (March 25th - April 29th)

Tue: 7:15pm OPEN Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop with Deena



Thu: 7:15pm OPEN Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary with Cathy