Point B Dance April Pop Up Schedule (Scroll down for regular class details)

Point B Dance April Special Classes and Dates

(No Classes April 23rd, April 30th or May 1st)

Monday, April 15th 7:45pm - Hip Hop Heels with Andie

Tuesday, April 23rd - 7:15pm Turns and Leaps with Sammi (No Hip Hop)



Point B Dance Spring 2019 Weekly Schedule

Spring 2019 Open Class Schedule (Last Day of Spring Session, May 16th)

No classes Thursday, April 23rd, Tuesday, April 30th or Thursday, May 1st

Our class calendar is updated on a regular basis and reflects our current class schedule.  Look for monthly pop up classes as well. A last minute change will always be announced on Facebook. And you may also check daily on Facebook or Instagram what the classes for the day will be. 

OPEN CLASSES - $10 per drop in class / 3 class card for $25


Mon: 6:00pm ENROLL ONLY 6 week Intermediate Tap with Cathy (March 25th - April 29th)

Mon: 6:45pm ENROLL ONLY 6 week Intermediate Ballet with Paige (March 25th - April 29th)

Mon: 7:45pm OPEN Intermediate Hip Hop with Andie

Mon: 7:45pm OPEN Intermediate Contemporary with Mikaila



Tue: 7:00pm ENROLL ONLY 5 week Beg/Intermediate Tap Taylor (March 26th - April 23rd)

Tue: 7:15pm OPEN Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop with Deena



Thu: 7:15pm OPEN Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary with Cathy



June 2019 Point B Dance - begins June 3rd, 2019

We are spicing up our June classes - click the tabs below for the schedule and instructors.

Mondays - 7:00pm Ballet

Tuesdays - 7:15pm Hip Hop & 8:15pm Jazz

Thursdays - 7:15pm Contemporary

Monday, June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

7:00pm Ballet with Paige

Tuesday, June 4th

7:15pm Hip Hop – Andie

8:15pm Jazz – Andie

Tuesday, June 11th

7:15pm Hip Hop – Deena

8:15pm Jazz – Taylor Flory

Tuesday, June 18th

7:15pm Hip Hop – Sierra

8:15pm Jazz – Sammi

Tuesday, June 25th

7:15pm Hip Hop – Blair

8:15pm Jazz – Deena

Thursday, June 6th

7:15pm Contemporary – Taylor Flory

Thursday, June 13th

7:15pm Contemporary – Sammi

Thursday, June 20th

7:15pm Contemporary – Becca

Thursday, June 27th

7:15pm Contemporary – Mikaila

8:15pm Improvisation – Mikaila