Thursday, May 10th - Last Day of Spring 2018 semester - ALL CLASS CARDS EXPIRE

Monday, May 14th - MAY POP UP Classes Begin (see schedule below)

Thursday, May 24th - Sunday, June 3rd - STUDIO CLOSED

Monday, June 4th - June Classes Begin (see schedule below)

Our class calendar is updated on a regular basis and reflects our current class schedule.  A last minute change will always be announced on Facebook. And you may also check daily on Facebook or Instagram what the classes for the day will be.  


May Pop Up Dance Classes

Only $7 per class!!

Monday, May 14th

6:30-7:30pm Hip Hop Tap with Taylor

7:30-8:30pm Hip Hop Heels with Blair


Tuesday, May 15th

6:30-7:30pm Contemporary Barre with Sammi

7:30-8:30pm Contemporary Storytelling with Cathy


Monday, May 21st

6:30-7:30pm Contemporary Hip Hop with Andie

7:30-8:30pm Contemporary Jazz with Deena


Tuesday, May 22nd

6:30-7:20pm Yoga 101 with Cathy

7:30-8:30pm Dance30 with Cathy

June 2018 Dance Classes

Monday, June 4th – Wednesday, June 27th

Room #1
6:00 Musical Theater with Jennifer
7:00 So You Want To Dance Rehearsal with Blair

Room #2
6:00  Beg Ballet with Paige
7:00 Tap with Taylor

Room #1
6:00 Beg Technique with Sammi
7:00 So You Want To Dance Rehearsal with Blair

Room #2
6:00 Beg Hip Hop with Blair
7:00 Beg Contemp with Sammi

Room #1
6:00 Adv HH Andie (June 7th and 21st)/Deena (June 14th)
7:00 Adv Contemp Deena (June 7th and 21st) /Cathy (June 14th)

Room #2
6:00 So You Want To Dance Technique with Cathy
7:00 So You Want To Dance Rehearsal with Blair