Choreographic Voices


It’s carnival time at Point B Dance. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well it is, but it is not what you think. We don’t have ferris wheels, or cakewalks, or a house of mirrors – even though all of those sound FUN!! What we do have is a our annual spring dance show that presents new choreographic works by the Point B Dance faculty and performed by the Point B Dance Company.

Many people have asked me why then is it called “carnival”? It is modeled after the carnival show in LA that allows “up and coming” choreographers to present their pieces on a stage with trained dancers. We strive to bring that same edgy, creative and fierce choreography to our spring carnival as well.

This is our 8th annual spring carnival, and let me say that the choreographic voices that are on display next weekend are some of the most diverse that I have seen. Each choreographer has tapped into their own unique voice which has evolved into signature styles for them.

Some of you may ask “what is a choreographic voice?”. For me, a choreographic voice is unique to one person and one person only. Think of a person’s real voice – if you hear them on the phone – you know who it is. That is the same with a choreographic voice. While watching a dance, you would be able to know who choreographed it. Of course the beauty of choreography is that you can change and enhance your voice and make it different. But, you first have to have your base voice before the enhancements happen.

Like I said, this carnival is one of the most diverse carnivals that we have presented, mainly due to the courage of the choreographers to find their voices and not be afraid to express them. As choreographers, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to be like everyone else. Our show is anything but that. If you come to the carnival, you will see:

Marja’s Voice – strong, technical proficiency coupled with directional intention

Tara’s Voice – soft yet purposeful in conveying uplifting qualities with an emphasis on formations

Blair’s Voice – grounded and tough with a strong emphasis on musicality and storytelling

Tina’s Voice – theatrically influenced with strong choreographic elements emphasizing the big picture

Mikaila’s Voice – intricate and intentional in creating small pictures to create the full story

Deena’s Voice – strong lines and technique executed with the illusion of ease and focusing on performance

Cathy’s Voice – It is strange for me to write about Cathy’s Voice – since well – that’s me. Maybe if you come to the show, then you can tell me what my choreographic voice looks like.

I hope you can make it to our 8th Annual Point B Dance Carnival – “Endangered”. It will be May 6th and 7th at 7:00pm at the Lawrence Arts Center.

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