MAY 4th 7:00pm at the Lawrence Arts Center

Tickets may be purchased through the Lawrence Arts Center website or through the box office.


The Point B Dance Choreographer's Carnival is a fun, high energy show featuring emerging dance choreographers - Taylor Flory, Sammi Hayes, Mikaila Morgan, Cathy Patterson, Deena Schaumburg, Candice Townsend, and Jennifer Walker.  Contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and jazz dance are some of the styles featured in this year's performance. In its 11th year, they strive to blend commercial and concert dance to create engaging performances within unique presentations and venues. Audiences will cry, laugh, and be moved. Don't miss this performance!!

Auditions were held February 2nd and 3rd 2019. CONGRATULATIONS to these dancers on making the Point B Dance Carnival!!

Rikki Augustine, Lindsey Bowman, Kelly Brakenhoff, Mary Cason DeWitt, Taylor Flory, Kari Hayde, Samantha Hayes, Sonja Holmgren, Sierra Hurd, Jason Izquierdo, Gabby Jamieson, Gina Lathrop, Mikaila Morgan, Faith Panzer, Amelia Perez,  Deena Schaumburg, Taylor Schreiner, Andie Stitt, Candice Townsend, Jennifer Walker, Chelse Williams



Hotel California 

Music by The Eagles

Choreography: Cathy Patterson


Cathy Patterson Vignette

Choreographer's Film produced by Deena Schaumburg

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Music by



Lay Your Head Down

Music by


2019 Choreographers for the Point B Dance Carnival

Cathy Patterson

Deena Schaumburg

Samantha Hayes

Taylor Flory

Mikaila Morgan

Candice Townsend

Jennifer Walker

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